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One Cut at a Time                                                            November 2020

                                                                            The Life of a Stylist


                                                                                                             Photo: Crystal Quinonez, November 2020


Leos Manes didn’t just fall out of thin air. It took years of dedication, time, money and effort to open up. Crystal Quinonez, owner of Leos Manes, is a creative and passionate being who loves to make all people feel luxurious when they leave the salon. She ended up in her own salon because of her dedication to her clients. She truly put in the hours to be where she’s at and even had some obstacles along the way.

There have been times when Quinonez has felt like just giving up, especially after the closing of salons in March because of Covid-19. She had just opened up Leos Manes and got the bad news about closing all non-essential businesses. Although she felt like she could not catch a break, Quinonez did what a boss would do: stood back up and worked even harder.

When asked about what it takes to be a hair stylist, she mentioned how important it is to be a good communicator. “You have to love doing hair and talking to people or it can take the fun out if it,” she said. She has loyal clients who only trust her with their hair. Not only is she good at what she does, but she builds tight bonds with her clients. At the end of the day, it is her job to make every client feel confident and comfortable after their appointment, and surely Quinonez never fails to do so. 

Quinonez eats, sleeps and does hair, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She said her consistency and hard work has gotten her to where she needs to be. Her greatest piece of advice to anyone who may want to be a hair stylist is to never stop learning and is something she still abides by today. 


                                       L’Oréal Professionals: A Partner for Life  


                                                    Photo courtesy of Leos Manes Luxury Hair


Ever wonder how Crystal Quinonez gets her clients her shiny and luscious? The answer is L’Oréal products!

            As she was starting out in her career, her goal was to sell her extensions and open a salon. She had tons of work to do and decided to educate herself more on hair. She took many classes which gave her the opportunity to network with other stylists in the industry.

            “I met the representative from L’Oréal, and she liked my dedication,” Quinonez said.

            She then received an opportunity of a lifetime! 

L’Oréal decided to send Quinonez to Las Vegas for a 4-day seminar with everything paid for. She learned all about salon ownership, the retail aspect, employee information, potential pricing of services, and even the emotional aspect of building relationships with guests.

            To this day, Quinonez keeps in contact with L’Oréal and uses everything they use. They created a genuine connection with one another and the support she receives is unmatched. Partnering with L’Oréal has been one of her greatest achievements. L’Oréal truly sees Quinonez as the future of hair styling.

      Winter Hair Trends in 2020   


                            Photo courtesy of Leos Manes Luxury Hair

Something about being an icy blonde is exciting. Suddenly, it is the new style that’s in, especially for the wintertime. It used to be the opposite; many would dye their hair dark for the winter then light again for the summer. Things have changed, and Quinonez is embracing it!

            “There’s a shift in color trends, now everyone wants icy blonde instead of black,” she reiterated. 

            Also called silvery platinum blonde or cool beige, this vibrant hair choice calls for a winter wonderland.

Switching gears from dark hair to light is a choice that has the potential to change your whole look. 

            As effortless as it looks, it requires more maintenance such as touch-ups every four to six weeks. 

            Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to go dark.

Sometimes, change is necessary. Need something different? Don’t forget to schedule with the best Crystal Quinonez at Leos Manes this winter season!